Branded Content Production London, Sydney & Melbourne

Masses Collective is a collaborative collective of branded content production specialists based in London, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

We love making pretty pictures, but most importantly, we love telling stories that resonate with your audience to the point where they feel impelled to engage with your brand.

It’s not good enough creating branded content just for the sake of it.
It’s got to be brilliant, intelligent and artful.
It’s got to be seductive and irresistible.
It’s got to stand out from the clutter of an overcrowded media landscape and clock up hit after hit after hit.

We’ll look after all of your branded content production needs. Whether it’s directors, camera operators, producers, writers, editors, designers, photographers, motion graphic artists or animators, we’ve got it covered.

Whether it’s a small or large scale brand spot, music video, short film or doco, we’ll take on your brief and efficiently evolve your idea into an unforgettable viewer experience.

But enough talk. Take a look at all of our branded content production work.

Then give us a call.